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The indoor air quality in your home may be one of the most important health items for your family. Whether your indoor air is clean or dirty, will determine how the indoor air quality in your home impacts your family as it relates to allergies, pulmonary health, cardiac health, or even dangerous reactions from certain contaminates, such as mold, that may be coming directly out of your home heating and air system. Clean air can promote healthy living and may also minimize reactionary symptoms due to poor indoor air quality. These symptoms would include; persistent cough, runny nose, sleeps deficiency, headaches or fatigue, when in the home. Good indoor air can improve your and your family’s general health substantially, especially those family members that may suffer from allergies or pulmonary reactions, or has experienced cardiac problems.


Nowadays most homes have a central air system with connecting air ducting to move conditioned indoor air throughout the home. Over time, the air system and the connecting air ducting will accumulate dust and other contaminates, which can cause circulation of dirty and polluted indoor air through your home.  Out-of-sight and out-of-mind health items that we don’t think much about are dirty air system and air ducts which could be the unhealthiest item in our home.

Jacksonville Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Commercial HEPA Filter Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Heating and cooling air systems should be regularly maintained and inspected to determine whether your indoor air system and duct work require cleaning. Keeping your indoor air system cleaned with proper filtration and maintenance can provide years of good healthy indoor air quality and service from your heating and air conditioning equipment.

We highly recommend using a  NADCA certified Air Duct Cleaning Company to inspect and clean your air system. As a certified NADCA company and technician, they are properly trained to decontaminate your air system and not only can they properly clean your air system due to their extensive knowledge and experience with air systems and indoor air quality, but they can also alert you of any additional areas that might need attention to improve upon your indoor air quality such as; filtration considerations, damage, structural air flow problems, or inefficiencies of your present system. In more humid and hot climates, you will want to have your air systems inspected and service, at least every season, to assure that your air system and air ducts is clean of debris providing good indoor air quality.

Air Duct Cleaning in Jacksonville

2,500 CFM HEPA Filtered Duct Cleaning Vacuum Equipment

With your air system and air ducts in a constant cleaned state, you and those in your family can be in much healthier or at the very least minimize the symptoms experienced when the indoor air system was dirty and contaminated. In addition to improving health related symptoms, good indoor air quality in the home can lead to better breathing for deeper and undisturbed sleep. According to some doctors, improved undisturbed sleep can lead to a healthier life overall. While in some cases poor indoor air quality can be linked to asthma.

Only use a NADCA certified company as they have strict cleaning standards they must abide by when cleaning air systems.  Use a company that will provide a fair quote, based on the service that they will provide.   Be weary of companies that advertise one price for a whole house.  Think about it, would a painter paint any size house for one low price? Neither can an air duct cleaner PROPERLY clean the WHOLE house, no matter how many systems or air vents are in the home for one low price.


Example of One Price Rip-off

Make sure that the company has the proper equipment and enough  HEPA filtered vacuum power (2,000 CFMs or more), to properly clean  your air ducts. Be weary of  companies that use small vacuum units that have a small rotating brush on the end of a small vacuum hose with a typical airflow of 150 to 300 cfm or less. Proper air duct cleaning vacuums are negative air machines with 2,000 CFMs have 8 inch to 14 inch or larger, vacuum hoses to capture large quantities of dust and debris.

Jacksonville Air Duct Cleaning Vacuum

Proper Air Duct Cleaning vacuum with 12 inch vacuum hose.

Assuring that your air ducts and air systems will be properly cleaned with the correct equipment, personnel has the proper training and are certified by NADCA and have the expertise in cleaning your home or building,  is a small price to pay for the possible health benefits for you, your family, or the occupants of the building.



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As with every industry, there are the scams in the air duct cleaning business, including Air Duct Cleaning in Jacksonville.

These are companies who are more interested in getting your money, through misleading advertisements or “bait and switch” mailers than actually doing the work properly and improving your indoor air. The very worse thing you can do is to hire a company that may actually create more of an indoor air problem for you and your family due to improper cleaning or use of inferior air duct cleaning vacuums with no more vacuum power than a large Wet/Dry vacuum with a rotating brush attached at the end of the hose, or use a “carpet cleaner” who is not properly licensed or certified to clean air systems.  Be especially suspicious of companies advertising low one price duct cleaning service, it’s like providing a one price to paint the exterior of your home whether it be 1 story or several stories high.

On the other hand there are many more air duct cleaning companies that will properly clean the air system and air ducts and use commercial negative air duct cleaning vacuums with at least 2,000 CFMs of vacuum power and utilize proper agitating tools to move the contaminates within the duct work to be captured with HEPA filters and contained by the air duct cleaning vacuum equipment.

Remember; think about your air system as the lungs of your home. Then consider the type of company that you want to handle your home’s lungs and your indoor air quality within your home. Have the complete air system periodically inspected for contaminated duct work and have it properly maintained so your Heating and Air System can provide your family with good air quality for years to come. Qualified air duct cleaners will follow strict standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Allowing an unqualified contractor to clean your ducts could be worse than not having them cleaned at all. More particles could be broken up and released into your home or your HVAC system could be damaged.

Should you have any further questions, please call the very best Jacksonville air duct cleaner, both in service and honesty at (904) 413-0939



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Natural Wellness

Going Organic belongs to Natural Wellness Living

What’s with organic food, and just there this type of focus to integrate it into the kitchen connoisseur?

It can be said that the hippie generation brought a new awareness to living and culture called natural wellness. Rachel Carson bought environmentalism in to the mainstream. Today’s interest with organic food is much more about being basic and minimalist within the food that we eat. As a result of modern world dangers because of just how meals is raised and produced, organic food is designed to be the way food should certainly taste. Without having chemical fertilizer, no steroids, no pesticides, fresh produce, especially heritage variants are as tasty and much more delicious as than any food from supermarkets. Besides being tasty, organic food is a lot healthier without having long-term residual chemicals or heavy elements being ingested together with the prepared food.

Preparing and eating organic your meals are a journey in itself. There is the assurance of freshness and of a completely new experience. Your meals are what it really was intended to be, with as near to the land as you possibly can, food need not travel far, and hence doesn’t lose any nutrients as a result of post-harvest processing. Natural wellness includes fruits and vegetables

The Disadvantages of Chemicals

One reason why folks are veering far from chemicals and pesticides in all kinds of food due to just what it gives our bodies. Lots of people attribute cancer as well as other diseases to pesticides along with other chemicals in the soil and water. As an example, chickens raised commercially are considered to be given steroids and antibiotics so that they grow faster and grow resistant to diseases and pests. Nevertheless this, stays within their meat, specially in the wings and thigh locations where they get the shots.

According to researchers, steroids and pesticides in livestock feeds translate to cancers, tumors and also other illnesses which weren’t around when people remained as eating non genetically modified organisms where there weren’t any chemicals within their food yet.

Artificial vs Natural

Growing foods organically takes for a long time some time to more effort. In the event if organic vegetables, even the soil is cleaned up first to ensure that there aren’t any traces of chemicals before the seeds are planted. They may be watered with pesticide and in many cases chlorine-free water making it stronger by organic composts and fertilizers. Many of these are hand painted and are often carried out in sustainable environments. Because of all the so-called efforts that they’ve put in and quite often with a small harvest, organic farmers have to sell their produce in a higher price compared to the commercially ready ones.

Organic milk, cheese, chicken and eggs will also be more pricey in comparison to the regular ones. However, if you’ve tried cooking the opportunity chickens you’ll be able to taste the gap and take notice of the improvement in quality in the meat. The meat has less fat and also the color of your skin is darker because it might run around freely in the farm. It absolutely was also fed healthful eating of grains and well as able to forage by itself. You have to goats, cows and also pigs which were all raised organically.

This became how produce spent my childhood years many, long ago before everyone considered that bigger and faster was better for anyone.

An Active Lifestyle is Part of Natural Wellness

Eating organic food is only one aspect of cook. Natural wellness is a holistic life-style and health insurance and covers everything from traditional medicine, massages and healing treatments for an active and stress-free lifestyle.

If you have been thinking concerning how to jumpstart your exercise, you can test biking for exercise. In masterplanned communities or condo areas, bike lanes are already set up to encourage residents to ride to work or play. Rather than building massive parking lots below or higher the residential units, provisions for bike racks have been placed. Areas like these are great for bikers because there are plenty of trees that provide shade and natural breeze.

Secondly, considering that the areas are master planned, you will not be held in between honking cars as you navigate the roads. There are assigned bike lanes which you can use. Less cars also mean less carbon dioxide while you are on the highway. As a result encourages more people to take their bikes to be effective instead of driving a motor vehicle or utilizing the bus. This way, happened only save on fuel and also other expenses, you additionally encourage a much more active and in good physical shape lifestyle for you and your children.

Try Yoga and Pilates





Cool-down following a run or possibly a long bike ride which has a relaxing session of yoga or pilates. They’re gentle yet time-honored practices that increase strength and suppleness. It’ll tone your muscle mass and strengthen your core. Kinds meditative practices and do not only restore balance by the body processes – additionally, it calms your brain and relieves your spirit of negative emotions or energy. Yoga is surely an introspective activity but you may also get it done with a friend or several classmates. The goal is so that you can accomplish the several poses by putting the mind in the right headspace. Your body will follow in the event the system is centered and calm.

Natural wellness living is centered on cook. It’s not only about eating and working out but pays close attention in what we out inside our bodies. Organic food and dairy merchandise is just one single part of living healthily and achieving fit the opposite half is about exercise. You must choose the activity that allows you to lower your expenses and resources in addition to keeps you active. Biking is a such activity. To cap your mood, a calming and de-stressing session of yoga or pilates is what exactly you need. If you possess time, go to the spa for any rub down or perhaps a therapeutic massage. Peppermint oil is very suitable for energy while lavender oils work most effectively for relaxation.

More resources for natural wellness living, you may visit:

Going Organic is Part of Natural Wellness Living written by: AdSilog

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